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  • MTV Live was a U.S. television series that aired from 1997 to 1998 on MTV, featuring interviews with celebrity guests, live musical performances, news coverage, and music video premieres.

  • MTV Live is a 26 minute flagship show of MTV Canada, on the air since March 21, 2006. The program began as an interactive talkshow where viewers were encouraged to jump into the conversation. It is the successor to the talktv program The Chatroom.

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Flyleaf es una banda de metal alternativo procedente de Temple/Belton, Texas, EE. UU. «Flyleaf es la primera hoja en blanco en la parte frontal de un libro», explica Lacey Mosley, la vocalista del grupo.

Contenido [ocultar]
1 Historia
1.1 Album debut (2005 a 2008)
1.2 Memento mori (2009–presente)
2 Estilo
3 Miembros
4 Discografia
4.1 Albumes de estudio
4.2 EP
4.3 Videos
4.4 Sencillos
5 Trivia
6 Enlaces externos

[editar] Historia
A principios Lacey Mosley comenzo a tocar con James Culpepper, Jared Hartmann y Sameer Bhattacharya mas tarde fueron reclutados. "Sameer y Jared son realmente experimentales con las melodias y los pedales, y todos teniamos diferentes influencias que se mezclaron todos junto con el corazon apasionados y lleno de esperanza misma, y que llevo a cabo este hermoso sentimiento. Es magico", dijo Mosley. El bajista Pat Seals se unio en 2002 despues de dejar su anterior banda The Grove.

El primer nombre de la banda fue Listen, cambiando luego a Passerby, con el cual fueron mas reconocidos en Texas. Con ese nombre lanzaron 3 ep e hicieron mas de 100 conciertos en Texas. En el 2004, Passerby desempenado un escaparate para RCA Records en Nueva York en la esperanza de conseguir un contrato. Luego pasado de unos dias el presidente de Octone Records estaba muy interesado un firmar un contrato. Luego de esperar unos dias para acordar el acuerdo el 7 de enero de 2004, la pagina web de Octone Records anuncio su llegada. En marzo de 2004, Passerby se cambio el nombre por Flyleaf. Posterior a este cambio, Flyleaf viajo a Seattle, Washington para grabar su primer Ep anonimo Flyleaf EP con Rick Parashar. Despues, hicieron una gira con Skillet, Breaking Benjamin, Staind y 3 Doors Down para promover su auto-titulado EP. En octubre, el EP fue lanzado en las tiendas, y luego lanzaron su primer video Breathe Today.

[editar] Album debut (2005 a 2008)
En el 2005, la banda grabo su primer album de larga duracion su productor fue Howard Benson el album fue lanzado el 4 de octubre del 2005, el album fue lanzado bajo el titulo de Flyleaf.

En el verano del 2006, la banda toco en el escenario principal del Family Values Tour 2006 junto a Korn y Deftones, tocaron entre otras "I'm So Sick" y un cover Something I Can Never Have de NIN, durante de las giras la banda grabo el video I'm So Sick (cancion que tambien es parte de la banda sonora de Duro de Matar 4 o en Espana La Jungla de Cristal) y luego lo lanzaron a la television. Luego la banda hizo una gira con Disturbed, Stone Sour y Nonpoint en la gira "Music As A Weapon III" Tour. Durante la gira la banda publico un ep con el nombre del tour Music As A Weapon EP, que fue vendido en la gira el ep incluye una version acustica de "Fully Alive", y tres temas ineditos: "Much Like Falling", "Justice And Mercy", y " Christmas Song. Una porcion de los ingresos de la venta del ep fue enviada a World Vision. A finales del 2006 Flyleaf graba el video de "Fully Alive" con la ayuda de MTV y luego lanzado en MTV2.

En el 2007 Flyleaf hace una gira con Three Days Grace en el festival Soundwave festival en Australia, luego de terminar la gira la banda graba su tercer single "All Around Me" que lo ayudo con sus giras, luego lanzado el video musical la banda hace una gira por todo Europa con Stone Sour y Forever Never. En la primavera del 2007, Flyleaf hace su tour Justice And Mercy Tour. En el 2007 Flyleaf se unio de nuevo al Family Values Tour 2007. El video musical I'm So Sick aparecio brevemente en la pelicula Live Free or Die Hard. Tambien se hizo un remix de la cancion I'm So Sick que fue incluida como banda sonora de la pelicula Resident Evil: Extinction. Perfect tambien fue lanzado como sencillo a finales de 2007 a las estaciones de radio cristiana.

El 26 de abril del 2008, la banda lanzo su cuarto video Sorrow de su album Flyleaf el video fue lanzado en MTV2. La banda estuvo de gira con Seether en la primavera, pero la banda tuvo que cancelar cinco shows debido a un problema con la voz de Lacey Mosley. Los miembros de Flyleaf empezaron a escribir musica nueva, con la esperanza de empezar a grabar en enero. Flyleaf tambien contribuyo con un cover de la cancion, "What's This?" de la banda sonora de The Nightmare Before Christmas.

[editar] Memento mori (2009–presente)
Flyleaf ha terminado de grabar su segundo album. El nuevo album tiene 14 canciones, que fueron seleccionados de los 30 ya esta escrito. Algunas de estas canciones, como "Again", "Have We Lost", y "Beautiful Bride" fueron escuchadas antes de salir el album en algunas presentaciones en vivo. La banda se reunio con el productor Howard Benson para hacer el album, y fue lanzado el 10 de noviembre de 2009. El album ha sido titulado Memento Mori, que incluye canciones como "Beautiful Bride", "Arise", "Missing", "Break Your Knees", "Have We Lost&q

Living a life in mine

Living a life in mine

This has been a rather busy, rather fun week!

We've gotten into several performances of Chocolate Factory since Friday. Jes runs spotlight and so that means we've gotten to hang together during the week. She really enjoys the play and I'm glad for that! Cute Jes used to freak out at the thought of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. I think it was mostly because of the creepy Oompa-vibes she experienced. I, however, have always loved the story. When I was a kid, we'd fire up our BETA-MAX and My brother and I'd eat lot's of chocolate! Oh what great memories I have of the original movie. I loved the Gene Wilder in that fatherly, slightly sinister role.

All the same, I think Johhny Depp was tremendous in the role when the newer movie came out. I really appreciate his style of acting and I strive to work in the same way as him. He always keeps control over his character and he himself learned alot from Marlon Brando, which I think was just about the greatest actor in his younger years before too much pretentiousness literally grew him out of control. I don't think Depp has that problem at all even though he can really irk studios once and a while. That's just great! And he's just cool in general as well. Jes thinks he's nice, but hey I can't blame her!

In terms of my Wonka, I didn't really draw from either of the previous characters. I think of Wonka as a kind of mad scientist who's simply interested in his own world, until Charlie comes along. He sees true innocence in him and can understand him. He rather doesn't care at all for children who have greed or attitude, so I use that motivation in my work for this role. Also, since he's a bit mad, I think it's quite alright to throw split personalities into the mix. I think Wonka would feel free to be whoever he likes, since his inner world is just incredible and imaginative.

So there. That's what I think about that. I love acting and I thought you'd like to see how I'm getting into character. It's very important to me. It's a gift God placed into me and I want to use it as best I can! I've gotten requests to go back to LA, but we'll just have to see about that. Is that the only way I can do what I want? To act?

When I was out in Los Angeles, I actually got to meet Don Knotts. I was in a McDonalds in Beverly Hills of all places. I went to use the rest room and as I was coming out, there he was, just sitting and eating a McFish McSandwich. It didn't register for a moment as I walked past, and then, in a Don Knott's-like-fashion, I did an old-fashioned-double-take as I realized who this great old man was. DON freakin' Knotts! I was awe-struck. I - I ...I couldn't say anything to him. I just respected him so much. What I really wanted to do was go over there and kiss his forehead and gush about him and how much I loved Barney Fife and all of the other characters he played. At the time he had a lady-friend with him and I don't think it would've been a good idea for me to do so.

So I simply went out to my car and wrote a note. A note talking about those things. Talking about how much I appreciated how he never took a role that was in bad taste or out of his moral character. How I grew up with him, how I thought was a wonderful person he was. I folded it up and went back inside.

I didn't actually give it to him. At this point in time he was looking pretty frail and I didn't want to bother him. So I gave it to his friend silently and respectfully and without saying a word, smiled and left for the audition that eventually got me on a pilot for MTV. It has never aired. But what a life we lived!

There's a reason I recall this story. Mr. Don Knotts died at the age of (I believe) 81. He was a great man and an incredible character! He practically invented such great visial emotions in his time that had never been seen on screen. On his shoulders are those kings like Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, ect.; I am thankful he showed us his gift.

One day I hope to be up there, showing the promise of my potential. I surely hope he will enjoy watching me from up above it all now...

watch mtv live free

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